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Connect with Online Subject Experts in the Middle East

If you live in the Middle East, what’s the general opinion about online tutoring? Traditionally, parents preferred in-person classes for their children. It was tough to change their minds, no matter how much you tried!

Luckily, things are shifting. Nowadays, Middle Eastern parents are becoming more open to the idea of online tutoring. This is good news for students, as online classes have many benefits. With online tuition, you can learn everything from home. It’s convenient, and also getting great results for students. Are you wondering why online tuition is becoming so popular in the Middle East? If you are, let’s explore all the reasons behind this on-going trend.

The rise of online classes in the Middle East


The shift to online tutoring in the Middle East didn’t happen overnight. Before this became a trend in the region, other countries had already embraced online education. For example, India adopted online education earlier than the Middle East. Subsequently, tutors in high-end Middle Eastern countries also started teaching online, with the United Arab Emirates being a leader in this transition.

Now, the trend is gradually expanding, surpassing traditional physical classes throughout the entire Middle East. Currently, you can find online home tuition services in Oman and Kuwait. These Middle Eastern countries are known for being educational hubs, attracting online subject experts who have set up businesses in the region, contributing to the increasing popularity of online tuition classes.

This shift is particularly beneficial for hard working students. Initially, many parents and students were skeptical about studying in an online tutoring environment. The idea of studying from the comfort of one’s home seemed unproductive, with concerns about potential distractions. However, contrary to expectations, online classes have proven to be more effective than traditional in-person tuition, even in Oman. Similar positive outcomes have been observed in other Middle Eastern countries. As a result, students have increasingly adapted online culture, moving away from traditional tutoring. This summarizes how the culture of online tutoring has taken root in the Middle East.

Connecting with online subject experts in UAE: A comprehensive guide


1.Online tutoring platforms:

Online tutoring websites: Several dedicated tutoring websites connect students with subject experts in the UAE. Platforms like Plinth Academy, Chegg Tutors, and offer a diverse range of subjects and allow you to choose online subject expert based on your specific needs.

Preply: Preply specializes in language learning and connects students with language expert tutors. It is a great platform for those looking to learn different languages.

2.Social media platforms:

Facebook Groups: Joining relevant Facebook groups in the UAE dedicated to education or specific online tutoring subjects can be fruitful. Look for groups like “UAE Tutoring Hub” or subject-specific groups where tutors and students connect.

LinkedIn: Utilize LinkedIn to connect with professionals and subject experts. Many educators and tutors in the UAE have LinkedIn profiles showcasing their expertise.

3.Word of mouth:

Local communities: Engage with local communities, both online and offline. Attend educational events, workshops, or seminars where you can meet people and get recommendations for reputable tutors.

Ask Friends and Colleagues: Seek recommendations from friends, colleagues, or classmates who may have had positive experiences with online tutoring.

4.Community whatsApp groups:

Educational whatsApp groups: Joining educational or subject-specific whatsApp groups in your community can be an excellent way to discover tutors. These groups often share information about available online subject experts.

5.University resources:

University Portals: If you are a student, check your university’s online portal for resources related to online tutoring services. Many universities have platforms where students can find subject experts or academic support.

6.Online classifieds:

Dubizzle and similar platforms: Online classifieds websites like Dubizzle often have listings for online tutoring services. You can find experienced tutors advertising their services with details about the subjects they cover and their qualifications.

7.Educational forums:

Education forums and blogs: Explore educational forums or blogs that focus on the Middle East or UAE. These platforms may have sections or discussions related to finding online subject experts.

8.Local educational centers:

Educational Institutions: Reach out to local educational centers, tuition centers, or learning institutions. They might offer online tutoring services or can recommend reputable online subject experts.

When connecting with online subject experts, ensure to inquire about their qualifications, teaching methods, and availability. Reading reviews or testimonials can also give further information of their experience and effectiveness. Remember to prioritize platforms and recommendations that align with your specific subject and academic needs.

The Introduction of Plinth Academy in Online Education


Even with the increasing popularity of online tutoring in the Middle East, finding reliable platforms remains a challenge for students. Consequently, the full acceptance of online tutoring is still a struggle.

Fortunately, there is a comprehensive solution to this significant educational challenge – Plinth Academy. Plinth Academy offers highly effective and interactive online classes covering a wide range of subjects and languages. They have hired highly-qualified and expert tutors across different fields, making them the most reputable online tutoring platform in the Middle East. Here are the things they offer:


  • They provide flexible online tuition classes with accommodating timings and hours for different students.
  • Students have the freedom to choose their own tutors by consulting a list of top online subject experts from around the world.
  • Plinth Academy focuses on result-oriented online tutoring, ensuring students gain both knowledge and satisfactory marks.
  • They offer a free demo of your required subject which helps in making informed decisions.
  • Plinth Academy creates a positive learning experience, allowing students to excel in their academics and skills.
  • They ensure healthy interaction between tutors and students, creating a fearless and curious mindset among students.
  • Plinth Academy has access to virtual learning resources and helps students stay updated with the latest technology in the education industry.

With these features, Plinth Academy stands out as the best online tutoring academy, addressing all types of challenges through their online tutoring services.



Connecting with online subject experts in the UAE involves exploring various avenues, from dedicated tutoring platforms to social media groups, local communities, and university resources. By utilizing online platforms, word of mouth, and community engagement, students can find qualified online subject experts who meet their specific academic needs. Whether through educational websites, Facebook groups, or personal recommendations, the diverse options available help individuals to access quality online tutoring services. It is essential to exercise due diligence, considering factors such as qualifications and teaching methods, to ensure a fruitful learning experience. In navigating this landscape, the pursuit of subject expertise in the UAE becomes a personalized and well-informed journey.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)


You can explore online tutoring websites, join relevant Facebook groups, ask for recommendations in local communities, and check university resources or online classifieds for tutoring services.
Yes, there are several platforms like Plinth Academy, Chegg Tutors, and that connect students with subject experts. Additionally, educational whatsApp groups and local forums can be valuable resources.
You can inquire about their qualifications, teaching methods, and experience. Reading reviews or testimonials from other students can also provide insights into the effectiveness of the tutor.
Yes, many online platforms allow you to choose tutors based on the subjects you need assistance with. Some platforms even offer the flexibility to select tutors who align with your preferred teaching style.
Apart from online platforms and social media, consider checking with local educational centers, tuition centers, and attending educational events. Word of mouth within your network and recommendations from friends or colleagues can also be valuable in finding reputable tutors.
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